One day Prof. David Musial in a lesson in his unique "MusicTech Kids®" program asked James "Jay Jay E", what is the most "famous" thing he thinks of that came from his dad's heritage of "Ireland"? Jay Jay quickly shouts "POTATOES"! Surprised, Musial questions "what is his favorite food at a fast-food place (which he often goes to after a lesson) and he shouts "FRENCH Fries"! Musial replies "Oh, really?". He continues "So James, what is the most famous song from Ireland"... He did not know so he tells him to "google it". What tops the charts? "When My Irish Eyes Are Smiling". So Musial suggests that he informs the world in a COMEDIC song which mixes the sounds of the most famous genres and calls them "IRISH FRIES"! Jay Jay and m Jaime burst into roars of laughter and this gave birth to yet another song for the MusicTech Kids® "Around-The-World" Album.


Composed by
James “Jay Jay E” Ecock
& Prof. David Musial

Lead Vocals
Jay Jay E

Backup Vocals
Eric & John Rosado

Produced, Instruments, Mixed, Mastered by
David Musial

Electric Guitars and Bass by Irish Canadian
Timmy “King Fish Man” Cudmore

Recorded at
SkyRoom Studio, Jersey City
King Fish Man Studio, Prince Edward Island, Canada

©2019 NextGen Stars® Music ASCAP
(p) 2019 One World Artists, LLC